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As a 'zoom in' pur sang, I am looking for visible structures that are created by these natural influences or that have been created by human hands. Enlarging these zoomed fragments creates a beautiful world that, although always based on reality, can sometimes seem abstract ...

other work

Other does not stand for 'that which remains'. Other stands for the subjects that also have my love, such as portraits, landscapes and still lifes. I don't want to limit myself. It is the special moments that determine my work: when I get 'caught' by something, it has to be painted. Point.

About me ...

As a child I got a small loupe, which I became fascinated by zooming in.

A scrape, a cuticle or the surface of a pebble offered me a completely new 'landscape' that fascinated me because it created a new abstraction.

During and after the education at the Classical Academy in Groningen (Holland), this remained my subject. And I notice that it is present in all my works : in 'portraits', 'landscapes', my 'patternpaintings and necklaces' or in my 'still lifes'. I don't have to look for it: it's just who I am.

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