"Time": Martinikerk in Groningen

8-09-2017 to 29-09-2017

Together with my Noorder Art colleagues Mineke Gravers, Sieuwke Ronner and Jan de Boer we have created the exhibition 'Time' in the Martini Church in Groningen

We have made a triptych together for the Martini Church.

With great interest, Mr. Jan Derksen, chairman of the Martinikerk Friends Association, introduced Noorder Art!

March 24, 2018: The official presentation of the triptych Time, made by Noorder Art, to Mr. Jaap Wolters, chairman of the Martinikerk Groningen Foundation. We, as Noorder Artists think it is a great honor to expose continuously in this beautiful church…

Paintings that seem 'huge' in the studio become fairly 'normal' in the Martini church ...

And what a beautiful display cabinets!