Beelden in Gees

Fall exhibition 2019:


The Haagse Kunstkring is visiting AKKA in the north of the Netherlands this fall. The meeting takes place in Gees, at the famous sculpture garden there. Artists from the West and those from the North have collaborated or challenged each other to create exciting art; this has led to surprising results, expressive, narrative and challenging. More than forty artists tell you about the connection in many forms.

The exhibition is open from Friday to Sunday from noon to 5 a.m., from October 18 to December 8, 2019.

With AKKA members Mineke Gravers, Jacomijn Steen, Ellen Dijkhuis, Beitske Sikkema, Marja Dijkstra, Lon Goedewagen, Inge Greens, Marja Hens, Koosje Summer, Elise d'Hont, Jeanette Jipping, Marianne Ter Maten, Willy Peetsma, Marnix Pool, Cindy Sprokel, Gerda Praamstra, Quub Art, Sieuwke Ronner, Gerrit Veldhuis, Aaltje van der Velde, Hana Vendlova and Péta Vlieger. More info on